We are smenso

... pragmatic, with dedication and enthusiasm for software!


Our Vision

We are convinced that the business world will depend on projects in the future. Our vision is to support our customers with modern and innovative software and solutions so that each and every project is a success.



About Us

smenso is a software manufacturer and specialized in projects.

With "Smart Project Manager", we offer an enterprise project and portfolio management solution, which has a unique integration with SAP and covers almost all areas of project management.

The software is mainly used in small and medium-sized enterprises, and our customers include IT, construction, manufacturing, insurance and the public sector.

On the other hand, we offer "feedback", a social project management platform for teams in the cloud, which mainly takes into account soft factors (for example opinions and moods of the team).

We love software and new technologies and bring them together with the methodology, best practice and experience in projects.




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