SAP Integration

Real-time information from SAP - directly in Smart Project Manager

Our solution is based on the Smart Business Framework , an add-on for SAP ERP. It is fully integrated into SAP ERP (SAP NetWeaver ABAP Stack) and is certified by SAP AG. Its architecture makes it possible to use SAP function logic and data supply in a very flexible and transaction-independent manner.

SAP functionality and data supply are processed in Smart Objects (ABAP OO classes) and are available to the front-end application.

It is also possible to call SAP functions directly from the application in the background and use them. With this architecture, all SAP functionalities are available, such as searching for objects, creating or altering them. SAP services such as authentication, authorization checkpot and lock handling are supported automatically. Customer-side Z implementations are also no problem in the Smart Objects.

The Smart Business Framework is installed as a transport request to the SAP ERP system. The solution uses its own namespace and is certified with every major release of SAP.



Project Master Data

A comparison of the project master data between SPM and SAP takes place via the Smart Business Framework. Smart Project Manager adapts to your processes and rules during project master data management.

The diagram alongside shows the data typically used.

Human Resources

Any SAP HR data such as personnel master data, availability, and organizational data from HR Org Management can be integrated into SPM. As a rule, the SAP Mini HR master record is sufficient.

Project Structure Plan (PSP)

The Project Structure Plan provides the link between operational project structures, such as schedule and activity planning, and the commercial view of the project using the SAP WBS structures and the commercial modules FI / CO. Smart Project Manager offers bidirectional integration of SAP PS and SPM. The Project Structure Plan is optionally generated in SAP and imported into or generated in SPM and transferred to SAP, depending on your processes.


Costs and Receipts

Smart Project Manager provides a connection to SAP FI / CO modules via its Smart Business Framework. This makes it possible to create orders in Smart Project Manager, transfer them to SAP, transfer invoice documents from SAP, and use payment documents in Smart Project Manager. A simple file interface is also available for the simple transfer of payment documents from SAP.

Plan and actual data. Plan data can be created in Smart Project Manager and transferred to SAP WBS elements. Actual data comes from SAP (costs, etc.) and is distributed to the corresponding items in SPM.

PM Orders

In some cases, the integration of SAP PM orders and operations for facility management / maintenance is desired. SAP PM Orders can be displayed as projects in SPM. This is beneficial for cost and resource management. The integration of SAP PM takes place via the Smart Business Framework.


It is possible to use SAP BW reports or aggregated data from SAP BW in Smart Project Manager. Reports are accessed through an appropriate URL.




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