With us, you can be everything you want. Especially yourself!

Hi, welcome to smenso.

At smenso, it's all about curiosity, big and small ideas and about cooperation. We are not just looking for solutions to a problem. We consider every day as an opportunity to discover and implement new things together. We are not content with the status quo, but we question processes and are constantly looking for improvements. We care above all that our employees feel comfortable with us. To this end, we give them the freedom they need for their own projects - from continuing education to self-realization.

Although we have been successfully on the market for six years, we have maintained a start-up mentality: with a lot of self-responsibility, flat hierarchies and the desire to develop the best PM solutions on the market. But what really makes the job at smenso, is you!



Curiosity is written with a capital C in our company. Only those who are always daring to see the bigger picture develop further and discover new ways. We would like to encourage the curiosity of our employees at any time, with further education, teamevents and innovation days..





Together, everything is much easier. That is why we support each other where we can and exchange regularly. With us there is no "the up there". We are uncomplicated and direct. And we welcome new colleagues from the first day via "you".





Improvements and visions open up new possibilities and bring us further. That is why we are always open to new impulses and consider every optimization as progress. And in order not to miss the latest trends, e.g. each of us receives a freely selectable high-end smartphone to work..





Feeling good instead of persevering is our motto. Only those who feel well can love what they do and can develop creatively. This starts with free drinks, coffee or tea, the fresh organic fruit or the muesli on company costs.





Everyone has liberties with us. On 30 days of the year. Or every day at work, thanks to flexible working hours. Mutual trust, responsibility and independent work form the basis for these liberties.






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