Document Management

Find Documents, where you need them


Smart Project Manager features an own Document Management System

If there's only a small number of documents required during your project, the documents can be stored directly in the database. This is technically the simplest solution.

Most commonly, documents are stored on a file server in defined structures. This storage is supported by Smart Project Manager by default.

Alternatively, standard Document Management Systems can be connected. Smart Project Manager not only stores the files in the DMS, but also creates the required metadata for each document.



The following Features are available

  • The document storage screen in Smart Project Manager combines various functionalities for documents. Search (blue), list all documents (red), add new documents (green), details of the selected document, citation and versioning (yellow).
  • You can add keywords to documents. These are taken into account by the search function. The number of keywords is unlimited.
  • The details section shows details of the selected document. In addition, previous versions of the document are listed. These can also be accessed from here.



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