Automate Progress




Create a plan


After the resources have been assigned to the project via the basic planning, these are now available within the project. In the further course of the planning, it is now possible to allocate these resources to specific work packages in the schedule and thus to refine the planning successively. Of course, the schedule can also be created from a template or be imported from a MS Project schedule.

This detailing is technically necessary in SmartProjectManager if you want to automatically control the progress of the project via the feedback of the individual work packages.


  • Create planning (manually, from template or MS Project import)
  • Assigning ressources


  • Schedule created
  • Resources automatically receive their task




Confirmation of the team


  • Confirmation of the expenses
  • Remaining costs


  • Team members know exactly what is to be done, without knowing the schedule
  • Team is sensitized to progress and remaining costs

As usual in a typical project process, work packages extend as the processing lasts longer than planned. This state is normal in almost all projects and at this moment nothing to worry about. If it's within limits, there is no objection. This time will most commonly be caught up within the project period, so that there's has no impact on the project deadline and thus on the project objective.

Frequently, however, these extravagances can be mission-critical. Especially if this is not recognized by or communicated to the project manager. For this reason, it is possibe for the project participiciants to report an estimated remaining work effort of specific work packages. The individual work packages are included with the respective plan expenses, the actual costs, and the calculated remaining efforts. If the project employee does not manage to succeed with the calculated remaining efforts for a work package, he can enter his estimates and send it to the PM.




Automated progress


The project schedule is automatically updated (plan - actual), made possible by the confirmation of the project participants, so that the progress of the individual work package is calculated automatically. As already explained, it can happen that the expenditure for an operation takes longer than planned. In Smart Project Manager, the degree of completion from "Plan / Actual" as well as from "Plan / Actual + Estimation" are displayed side by side, so that the project manager directly sees where extensions are possible in individual processes. This allows the PM to reschedule appointment in good time, in order to ensure the success of the project.

The PM is then able to override the calculated degree of completion manually and thus give its own estimation of the progress of the project. Thus, the PM has full control over the tasks and status of his project.




  • No input required (automatic)


  • Scheduling continues independently (PL can intervene and change manually if required)
  • The accuracy of deadline statements is increased by estimated remaining efforts of the team




Automated reporting



  • Creating a status report


  • Schedule information is automatically reported
  • Milestone Trend Analysis automatically available
  • Progress and status messages are automated and created without effort

With the module of the status report, which gathers the current information directly from the schedule, all necessary information is collected and output in the form of a report. This eliminates the tedious production of "high gloss reports" as these can be generated automatically. The project manager itself can choose when to release them. This way, he can leave the report "open" for several days to adjust the schedule if necessary, or to write the current report in text form.

Furthermore, a Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) is created on basis of the status report information. An important tool to measure the progress and quality of the planning by means of the time evolution of important milestones




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