Phase Project Closing

Keeping Experiences for the Future

In the standard configuration of Smart Project Manager, the stages of Delivery and Project Closing are combined. Since the Project Lifecycle is configurable, the phases can be split, and, if required, provided with a Gate Transition.

Final tasks

After completion of the project the final work hast to be done:

  • Determine and document final key figures (*)
  • Create a project completion report (*)
  • Create a business degree (*)
  • Close the open score list (*)
  • Carry out the final meeting
  • Get feedback from the project stakeholders (*)
  • Develop and document the Lessons Learned (*)
  • Feedback to the supervisors of the project staff
  • Success control for the utilization phase

The points marked with (*) are supported functions within Smart Project Manager.

Lessons Learned

"Lessons Learned" is a compilation of experiences and possibilities for improvement made during the project. Smart Project Manager provides a suitable functionality in the form of text masks for collecting and documenting findings. Since the data belong to the project data record, evaluations in the multiproject field are also possible.

A structured assessment of knowledge is the next step in the Lessons Learned functionality. This enables evaluations of project knowledge such as statistics, combinations of project characteristics and Lessons Learned results.

The Lessons Learned categories in Smart Project Manager are:

  • Feedback from the project team
  • Successful action: particularly positive experiences in the project
  • Improvement needs: especially negative experiences in the project with potential for improvement
  • Planning - reality - deviation: analysis on the questions "What was planned?" - "What really happened?" - "Reasons for the deviations?"
  • Risk assessment: assessment of the expected risks about entry, measures and assessment
  • Insights: what did we learn from the project?
  • Conclusion: what must be done differently / better next time?



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