Phase Project Idea

Keeping track of the good ideas

The process "from the Idea to the Project" is very key for the subsequent project success. The idea is the seed of a project - and has its own stage in Smart Project Manager.

The Project Idea

No matter how project ideas arise in your company - whether through lengthy idea-finding processes or simply "off the top of one's head" - by entering it in an early stage in Smart Project Manager a later comprehension of the project history is possible from the beginning on.


The Idea becomes a Project

If the initiator has captured all information on his idea, he can submit the project idea. A workflow controls this process.

If the idea is released by a central instance (eg the PMO), the idea arises as a real SPM project in the initiation phase. Captured information are transferred and entered into the master data of the project.

If the idea is rejected, the idea returns to its initiator with the reason for the rejection.




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