Reporting in projects is usually very complex for project managers - and to be honest - not exactly the most exciting task. However, while being so complex and unpleasant, the production of reports is also a great opportunity. You'll have to formulate topics to the point and thus get a consolidated view of the project.

Most commonly, the facts, such as costs, deadlines, qualities and risks must be carefully determined, interrogated and collated. Be it in the project application or the status report. At this point, the reporting of Smart Project Manager comes into play. It collects all existing information in an automated manner and then presents it in dashboards as well as on clear (paper) reports. This way you can quickly get a "nice" report which can be sent directly as an e-mail attachment.

The following reports are included in Smart Project Manager:


Project Proposal

  • Compact presentation of project
  • Master data
  • Classifications
  • Descriptions
  • Kcik-Off data
  • Project objectives and benefits
  • Clients and customers
  • Project analysis / scoring model
  • Milestones / dates
  • Organization
  • Project participants / resources
  • Cost / budget
  • Opportunities - Risk analysis
  • Dependendcies
  • Equipment
  • Decisions

Project Status

  • Short form of the status report on one page
  • Reporting period, project manager and duration
  • Traffic light total
  • Traffic light dates
  • Traffic light costs
  • Traffic light rargets
  • Degree of completion and prognosis
  • Short report, activities
  • Next steps


Project Status Report

  • Long form of the status report on several pages
  • Reporting period, project manager and duration
  • Brief report, activites, next steps
  • Degree of completion and prognosis
  • Traffic lights for dates, costs, targets and total
  • Graphic display of cost budget / forecast / actual
  • Milestones tabular
  • Opportunities and ris analysis
  • List of open points (selectable)
  • Decision sheet


Change Request

  • Basic data of the project
  • Application data
  • Application number
  • Applicants
  • Application date
  • Application status
  • Change request summary
  • Changes on project objectives
  • Changes to subprojects
  • Changes to appointments / milestones
  • Changes in costs
  • Changes to resources
  • Runtime changes
  • Rating
  • Recommendation




Report Designer


Smart Project Manager is delivered with standard reports. If you are not satisfied with this, you can create reports as an administrator or customize existing ones. The entire power of the design environment, which is also used by our consultants, is at your disposal!


Individual reports

  • All data from Smart project manager AND the interfaces can be displayed in reports
  • Various controls and tools for the presentation of the contents (graphical, tabular, text etc.) available
  • Preview of reports with current project contents possible
  • Free compositions in layout
  • Fully integrated into the Smart Project manager authorization concept





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