Sustainable Construction

eBNB - Electronic Assessment System for Sustainable Construction

Smart Project Manager - Edition "eBNB"

The Electronic Assessment System for Sustainable Construction (eBNB - in German: Elektronisches Bewertungssystem Nachhaltiges Bauen) is an application software for federal building tasks based on the Smart Project Manager Framework. It enables the project-specific determination and control of all parameters which are required for an effective implementation of the requirements for sustainable construction.

The eBNB supports the process-accompanying assessment and documentation of the sustainability qualities of buildings and outdoor facilities in the target-finding, planning, construction, commissioning and utilization phase, as well as the identification of optimization potentials. It supports the construction project management of federal building tasks as well as basic and research work in the area of ​​sustainable construction.

More information: www.ebnb.bundesbau.de



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