Smart Project Manager

Company-wide, integrated Project and Portfolio Management

Smart Project Manager is …


  • a solution that can be operated with little effort
  • very flexible through individual configuration
  • with short implementation time
  • usable throughout the enterprise
  • made by PM Experts
  • software „Made in Germany“


The processes of SmartProject Manager are described in more detail in the Processes section.

The concept of Smart Project Manager takes into account planning as well as economic aspects of a project. The process model is based on the gate model, with each project passing through controlled phases. The project process already begins with a project idea in the case of portfolio planning. Smart Project Manager manages project ideas and provides a portfolio analysis as a decision-making aid for investments and annual planning.

Smart Project Manager is a project management application developed in practice. It provides all necessary information to all involved in the project processes and makes a 360° view of the projects possible. Particularly important is the simple, practical handling of the functions and the integration of all relevant application systems in your company.



The "Plan-Is-Prognosis" principle provides a continuous history, a prompt actuall view and a reliable future analysis of all projects. Key figures and dashboards help to keep track of complex projects.

Smart Project Manager enables cross-portfolio exchange of project information, the management of project core data and comprehensive cost control. The collaboration of different project teams and project instances is supported by the representation of flexible workflows.

Smart Project Manager is multi-project and multi-tenant capable.



Experience has shown that the limit for project management with MS Excel, MS Project etc. has been reached by 20 simultaneous projects. The PM maturity level is a good indicator for choosing the right software. Smart Project Manager covers all levels from Level 2 to Level 5. We will review the implementation to ensure that our solution is right for you.



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