smenso Cloud

Project Software for the Digital Workplace

smenso Cloud combines powerful project management functions with the ease of modern cloud software. Start right away - without introduction effort and without training.

What inspired us?

In times of great complexity, abundance and high speed, the real challenge is to omit things you don't need. 

What have we left out?

Complex operation, overloaded masks, long reaction times, difficult-to-understand reports and one or the other feature that we thought was unnecessary.

Why do we leave something out at all?

We think it's more important to have a tool that everyone understands right away and that is fun to work with than software that can do anything but no one wants to work with.

Users who need the full feature set of Smart Project Manager will continue to work with the desktop client. Others who may want a more reduced experience can use smenso Cloud.

smenso Cloud is optimized for different form factors, so that you can work on both a laptop and a mobile phone or tablet.

  • SaaS cloud-based
  • User-friendly UI experience with focus on essential features, while adding some unique features compared to Smart Project Manager
  • Available as a hybrid solution (database and client on-premise, smenso Cloud as SaaS with synchronisation of both apps)
  • An on-premise installation in your own datacenter is available on request.

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