SPM Web App

Complex issues - easy to use

Who doesn't know it?

You want a software that is as easy to use, which can be used without training and explanation and meets all requirements. As soon as the specification for the software is created, one quickly realizes that a certain amount of complexity is required to cover all requirements.

If you take a step back and look at the process as a whole, it is often recognizable that not all users actually need the full functionality of the system to successfully work in projects. But, however, all users receive the same software, which provides all functions.

We are taking a different approach with the SPM Web App.

The users who need the full power of Smart Project Manager will continue to work with the Desktop Client. The large number of project participants who create ideas, record times and work packages and to complete their daily task management use the Web App. It is available on-premise as well as in the cloud as well as a hybrid solution. The web app is also optimized for different devices so that it can be used both on the laptop and mobile on the phone.

SPM Web App

  • "on-premise" in your own data center
  • "SaaS solution" in the cloud
  • "Hybrid solution" database and client "on-premise" and the web app in the cloud with synchronization in both worlds



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