Supported Project Types

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Each project can be mapped to the basic Project Life Cycle in Smart Project Manager.
Different project types have special requirements that lead to functional peculiarities. These are displayed in Smart Project Manager and are combined on a common platform so that they are displayed individually, but consistently. This provides the users with "their" functionality, and, at the same time, cross-type evaluations in the portfolio and in multi-project management are possible.

Smart Project Manager supports the following project types:


Organizational Projects

Organisational projects often have soft tasks. Therefore project structuring is particularly important here. High flexibility is required from the Project Management Software.

The typical stages pre-study - concept - implementation - realization are predominant in these projects and thus fit into the basic Project Life Cycle model. The cost of the subject is often neglected in purely organizational projects. Here, the optimization potential and the possibilities of Smart Project Manager can be utilized optimally.


The biggest problems with these project types are the regular deadline and cost overruns. In addition, project specification and project results often differ significantly. IT projects and organizational projects are often close to each other in regard to structure and methodology.

With the help of various methods and procedures, one tries to cope with project risks, whether the waterfall model, the iterative spiral model or agile development methods are used.

Resource management is often a permanent topic. Many organizations often lack the necessary processes. Likewise, the software solutions are often not sufficient due to the high complexity of the topic. Smart Project Manager provides a practice-oriented tool for cross-departmental resource management to increase existing efficiency potential.

The integration of agile development methods using Atlassian Jira is available in Smart Project Manager.

R&D- and Engineering Projects

For projects in plant construction, Smart Project Manager distinguishes between two projects:

  • Project view of the client (plant operator)
  • Project view of the contractor (plant engineer)

Plant planning is strongly characterized by engineering activity and takes place in the company of the client (engineering area) or as a contract to an external planner. Depending on the complexity of the plant, cost planning takes on corresponding complexity.

The planning results required for project control during the implementation phase are displayed in the Smart Project Manager via flexible cost structures, efficient scheduling and document storage.

Plant construction projects are often based on a high level of material and depending on the company's manufacturing depth, the management of supplier relationships and requirements plays a more important role. In addition, change management has a high importance because of its impact on the project success, time and costs.


Projects in Professional Services

The main difference to other project types is the idea and initiation phase. Instead of portfolio management, we have an offer and order process.

Normally, this process takes place in a CRM solution. However, important opportunities from a certain degree of maturity can also be transferred to the Smart Project Manager.

As soon as the opportunity has matured and the offer situation is met, the first gate is crossed with the decision to submit the offer. This ensures that the presale expenditure is invested in the "right" projects.

In the bid creation process, the planning and calculation results can be recorded in the Smart Project Manager, just like a filing of the offer documents in the document storage. The planning phase begins with the assignment of the orders. The cost calculation is supplemented by the price and profit calculation. During the project execution, changes and shifts are compared with the planning in the sales and cost forecast.

Multiproject evaluations are available for controlling the cost, sales and liquidity profiles.

Construction Projects

In the construction sector, the standard project management processes from federations such as GPM, PMI etc. can only be used to a limited extent. For construction projects, the AHO (Committee of Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects) is established and in practical use. This also includes the HAOI (fee schedule for architects and engineering services). It also describes the basic project phases.

For this reason, we offer Smart Project Manager in the branch-specific "Construction" edition, especially for construction projects.


Projects for Public Infrastructure Measures

Projects for public infrastructure measures usually take place in the municipal sector. These are applications such as:

  • Sewer construction
  • Road construction
  • Transport technology
  • Bridges & waters
  • Civil engineering

In principle, these are construction projects. However, plan complexity and volumes will generally be lower. For this purpose, the various product fields have different requirements for a PM system in terms of data content and function.

The phase model corresponds to the HOAI phase model, whereby as a rule several power phases are combined. The project core data must be tailored individually for the respective "product area".

Smart Project Manager offers a customized variant for the "Public Infrastructure Measures" area. This has different peculiarities:

  • Creation of business plans
  • Adapted HOAI phase model
  • HOAI fee calculator
  • Reports with map excerpts from GEO information systems
  • Connection of household systems for current cost data



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