Smart Project Manager

PM-Software for Company-wide Project Management

Choosing a project management software is not easy. We will help you to make your decision.

Our maxim is "Fairplay all along the Line". We only offer our Smart Project Manager solution if we are really convinced that this solution suits you. We also give advise on methods and processes for project management.

For all offers, you receive a well-founded support and you have a permanent contact person.




Your Choice

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Workshop at your place with customized use cases


You have a detailed insight in Smart Project Manager with your use cases and can now decide.

2 days

8 participants

Working through your use cases and individual guidance

Test system in standard configuration and web-training


You have experienced, how Smart Project Manager suits your requests and can now decide.

14 days

1 user

4 hour web training

Test system in standard configuration and training at your place


You have practical experiences how Smart Project Manager suits your requests and can now decide.

30 days

5 user

1 day training at your place (max. 12 participants)

Remote support during the test phase

Test system with customized configuration and workshop at your place


You have comprehensive experience with Smart Project Manager in your own projects and can now decide.

60 days

5 user

1 day training at your place (max. 12 participants)

Remote support during the test phase

Individual configuration based on your requests with a one day workshop

Transfer of your test data after an order




Fairplay all along the Line


What is the Test Phase?

The Test Phase

The selection of a suitable project management software stands usually at the end of a long process to improve the company's PM capabilities (PM maturity), in which PM processes and methods are introduced or optimized. These are to be supported by a powerful PM software in the future. After defining the requirements for the software and the selection of vendors, the test phase is the next stage in the process. Effort and time requirements for this phase depend on how many providers you want to take into account and which model you choose.

How does the Procedure look like?

The Procedure

The course of the test phase is very different and depends on the processes for investment projects in your company. In the public sector and in large companies, tendering procedures are generally required. In other cases, it depends very much on the available time, the resources and the company's requirements, whether the test phase is short and slender, or whether it is made broader. In any case, this phase is very important because it leads to a decision that is of strategic and financial importance for the company. As the approaches for the test phase vary from company to company, there will be tailored offers.

How does the Approach look like?

The Approach

We recommend not to consider more than 3 vendors for the test phase. You can even only consider your favorite provider first. You may already be able to achieve the desired results and you won't have to go into the test with other vendors. Because this phase is so crucial to your decision, we do not only provide you with a test system. Our packages provide a complete range of consulting, support and application support.

What are the Terms of Contract?

Terms of Contract

For the test phase, you will receive a quotation with a service description. All our offers are based on our contractual and licensing conditions - the aim is to provide a fair and reliable legal basis for various business transactions. In addition, you receive a brief test license agreement for your free trial licenses, which entitles you to use the software for the agreed duration.

Whom can I call?

Your Contact Person

We are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at +49 7231 77857 50 for questions. We will give you a direct contact during a test phase.

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